"Traditional & Natural Ayurveda Lifestyle is the most revolutionary act we can be a part of. For more than 30 years I’ve been sharing this message and I’ve seen amazing results for my patients’ health and happiness; I hope you’ll join me and reclaim your own."
- Dr. Soumya


The Doctor’s Farmacy

An upbeat look at solutions for the largest problems of our time, Dr. Soumya interviews experts in all-things-wellness, regenerative agriculture, social and environmental activism, meditation and mindfulness, movement, and so much more. This is the perfect introduction to Dr. Soumya’s work, with episodes available every Wednesday and Friday.

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Ayurveda Treatments Revealed ?

Ayurveda, finally explained. Dr. Soumya breaks through the treatment wars, sharing what ayurveda really says on everything from diseases to diet, yoga and explains how we can truly thrive. For a look at all her treatments and courses with genuine Ayurvedic medicine


Our Picks

Every Friday Dr. Soumya shares a quick note about what he’s loving lately, like kitchen and health gadgets, books and articles, products, podcasts, recipes, and more. She only recommends things she personally uses and you’ll never get more than one email a week.

Live Well

Disease Reversal

There is no magic bullet to achieving your best health. Your best health requires a systematic approach. That’s why Dr. Soumya designed the Disease Reversal Program.

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Visit Dr. Soumya's Private Practice

Discover exactly what your unique body needs to thrive. Dr. Soumya has a private clinic, Elite Ayurveda Services, in Bangalore, India, and has trained a team of incredible Ayurveda Medicine practitioners that are available to help you.

You can also check outDoctor Adil, who is also a CoFounder at Elite Ayurveda.

Additionally, he serves on the board for the Mochnee AI Ayurveda Services, which is a great resource for finding all About diseases with a Ayurvedic Perspective with help of AI & Machine Learning.

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